WavesinSolids specializes in strain analysis for a wide variety of structures.  Common structures that undergo strain testing include:WIN Strain image

Strain gage image

  • Bridges
  • Pavement layers
  • Locomotive rolling stock
  • Load bearing high-rise components

Strain gaging provides valuable data on structure deformation due to loading.  A multi-channel data acquisition system is used to collect the strain data and compute the principal strains.  Principal stress can then be calculated from measured strain values. The picture shows Strain Rosettes used for stress analysis of a locomotive wheel rim during impact loading.

WINS offers strain gage analyses for:

  • Dynamic laboratory testing
  • Static laboratory testing
  • Failure testing
  • Short-term field monitoring
  • Long-term field monitoring

Strain Gage drawing imageOur American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) certified inspectors have complementary training in fall protection, highway safety, railway safety, and confined space safety.  We have a proven track record for high quality nondestructive testing services and safety.

Train on tracks image