Course Description

WINS offer 24-hour classes focused on the use of Ultrasonic Testing for the inspection of welds. This course supplements the existing UT Level I & II courses and provides emphasis on the relevant standards such as AWS D1.1, AWS D1.5 etc. This course includes intensive hands-on laboratory sessions on the calibration, scanning, interpretation and evaluation techniques.

Course Duration

Three days (24 hours).

Course Dates

February 1-3, 2012
May 7-9, 2012
August 6-9, 2012
November 19-21, 2012

This course is offered by appointment as well. Please contact us about your dates of convenience.

Course Outline

Welding Processes
Weld Geometries
Origin and Orientation of Flaws
Applicable Codes and Standards
Weld Testing Techniques

a. Visual inspection
b. Liquid Penetrant Testing
c. Conventional UT
i. Normal beam inspection
ii. Angle beam inspection (Shear wave)
d. Phased Array UT
e. Time of Flight Diffraction technique
f. Advanced Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing

Data Interpretation

a. Weld Sizing Techniques
b. DAC curve evaluation
c. AWS system evaluation
d. Digital Flaw detection
e. Data Storage

Documentation and Reporting

Course Price

Please contact us for pricing for in-house training as well as client site training fee.

Please contact us for more information or use the registration form to register for the course.